Our story

Liquid being poured into vials
Woman putting on surgical mask

The Future of Nevada

At the NHBC, both planning and action are required to improve quality of life for all Nevadans. Driven by leaders of Nevada and inspired by community, we believe in and understand the power of healthy living and the dedication it requires to accomplish these goals.

Group of doctors and administrators at UNLV groundbreaking

From our inception, the NHBC has been committed to seizing every opportunity to provide an impactful change for Nevada. Led by local leadership, these individuals saw an opportunity to enhance existing healthcare infrastructure with current technology and resources in a faster and more efficient way.

Woman speaking at a podium

Empowering Communities for Nevada’s Future

Man speaking at UNLV groundbreaking

With the means to make change, the NHBC researches, observes, and connects directly with individuals around Nevada to meet and exceed community expectations. At the NHBC, we believe that our duty is to evolve education within our community, enhance our quality of living, and empower future generations to come. Because we’ve made it our mission to take care of Nevada, and everyone in it.

Our Board of Directors

Our board represents a collection of committed and enthusiastic individuals that connect over a shared love of community and the betterment of Nevada.

  • Andrew Artusa

    Managing Director, Zions Public Finance

  • MaryKaye Cashman

    CEO, Chairman of the Board, Cashman Equipment Company

  • Marianne Boyd Johnson

    Vice Chairman of the Board, Executive Vice-President, Boyd Gaming Corporation

  • Kris Engelstad McGarry

    Trustee, Engelstad Foundation

  • Nicholas J. Santoro

    President, Santoro Whitmire

  • Maureen E. Schafer

    President & CEO, The Nevada Health & Bioscience Corporation

  • Lindy Schumacher

    CEO, Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas