NHBC Expresses Thanks to Gov. Sisolak for Reinstatement of $25 Million for Medical Education Building

NHBC Expresses Thanks to Gov. Sisolak for  Reinstatement of $25 Million for Medical Education Building

LAS VEGAS (January 19, 2021) – Nevada Health & Bioscience Corporation (NHBC) has issued a statement of gratitude to Gov. Steve Sisolak after he announced on Tuesday night, during his 2021 State of the State address, that funds totaling $25 million will officially be reinstated to go toward the development of University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) School of Medicine’s forthcoming medical education building.

“We express our sincerest appreciation to Governor Sisolak, who has kept his commitment to support this critically important project for the state,” said Maureen Schafer, President and CEO of NHBC, the company overseeing the medical education building’s development. “We recognize the significance of the Governor’s decision during these unprecedented times and are grateful for his leadership. The combined efforts of private and public funding will ultimately help address our wider community’s much needed access to improved health care.”

In summer of 2020, funds were reclaimed from the approved state budget in response to the coronavirus lockdown and its subsequent economic impact to the state. The now reinstated $25 million will supplement up to $150 million raised from private donors, including the Engelstad Foundation and Lincy Foundation, among others.

“This model is proving to be an immensely effective case study in how philanthropic investment in collaboration with state investment allows the creation of more sustainable community assets for our citizens. We are excited to partner with the UNLV School of Medicine in the creation of many future doctors, but this model and project also inspires economic development, urban redevelopment and workforce development for Las Vegas in the creation of jobs,” Schafer said.

The medical education building broke ground in October 2020. When completed, the new building will be approximately 135,000 square feet and accommodate a class size of up to 120, doubling UNLV School of Medicine’s current capacity. Now in its first phase of construction, the project will complete in 2022.

“Every person regardless of socioeconomic status is entitled to access high quality, premier health care in their community. We’re certain this project will enable that for our citizens and the future generations to come,” Schafer concluded.

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